So, you want a wood looking floor?

Real wood? Luxury Vinyl Plank? Water proof Core? Laminate? Porcelain tile? All of these product types are available with a wood look. Which one is best for your project? That's a great question. There are many things to consider. Is the area prone to water? Is there going to foot traffic from outdoors? Price is always a consideration.

Porcelain tile will hands down be the most durable, and it is also one of the higher priced options. Porcelain tile will also be the coldest and and hardest to stand on.

Laminate flooring will be on the lower end for price. It is very resistant to scratching, but is susceptible to damage from water.

Both Luxury Vinyl Plank and Water Poof Core are in the middle of the group for pricing. These options are suitable in any room of your home, are durable and soft under foot.

Real wood has many construction and visual options. You can never truly duplicate the look of real wood with other products. Wood WILL scratch and dent. Real wood is a natural product. It is effected by temperature and humidity in your home. 

From left to right LVP, solid wood, porcelain, and WPC

Which of these products are best for your home? I can help you answer that question. Call to schedule a one-on-one consultation or visit our showroom to see samples of all your options and get all your questions answered by an expert.