Adding carpet to your floor plan is a perfect way to bring warmth and comfort to your home. Carpet is quick to install and versatile enough to match any room decor. It does require a bit more maintenance than tile or hardwood, but provides other valuable benefits like sound-insulation and creating a comfortable place for kids to play. Carpet is the warmest and softest floor covering choice for your home. Fiber choices include nylon, polyester, Trieta, Olefin, and wool. 

Cut Pile

The face of the carpet exposes the cut ends of the yarn. Types of cut pile carpet include Textured plush, Saxony, Frieze, and Velvet. This is the softest type of carpet construction which makes it is great for kids to play on, however, it may show signs of texture change quicker than other types.

Loop Pile

Loop Pile carpet can be all one height loop or a mix of high and low loops. It holds up to high traffic the best of all constructions and can add subtle texture to your home or business. 

Cut and Loop

Cut and Loop construction carpet can have a very distinct pattern of just added texture variation. Compared to Cut Pile, Cut and Loops holds up better with traffic and adds dimension to hallways and living rooms.

Color Choices

The color of a solid colored carpet may not look solid if the carpet fiber is highly twisted. Barber Pole is created by twisting to colors together. Multicolor, or Heathered is created by blending fibers of different colors or shades. Carpets that are a mix of cut and loop construction may appear to be different shades because of the way light reflects off of the yarn.

Carpet Suppliers

We only buy from the most trusted carpet manufacturing companies in the country. Flooring Interiors has been partnered with these companies for generations and established extensive product knowledge on stability, stain resistance, and comfort.